ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.
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No promises only progress Progress is in your hands

Who is ABR

Meet our team, all enthusiastic people with big hearts. A team that thrives on helping people!

What ABR does

ABR provides the opportunity to build the correct relationship between your child’s body and brain.


No promises, only progress. The yearly ABR report shows the results and the progress of your child.

7th – 13th of February 2022


All people - often children - who suffer from respiration problems, bad posture, functional disorders or who are limited in their motor functions, often due to brain or nervous system failure.

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Disorders from A-Z
Everybody can benefit from ABR

If you want to find out if your child can benefit from our therapy, please contact us. Below you can find a list of some of the disorders that can be treated.

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The most important qualification is dedication.


4 reasons.

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ABR provides you with extensive continuous reports clearly highlighting your child's progress including pictures every year.

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A unique and caring team that is always there for you.

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We are continuously evolving and improving our approach to maximise outcomes for our children.

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We operate in more than 10 countries worldwide.


The first step to help your child is to get in touch.

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Free Introduction

Parents are invited to contact the ABR centre by telephone, in our centre, via Skype or email. We will be happy to explain everything about ABR: the method, our background, … and most importantly the results.

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First Assessment

An ABR Assessment requires dialogue. We need to understand the problems from your perspective. With your help we will do simple yet informative tests with your child and explain what you can do to improve your child's condition.

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Training Sessions

Our ABR Trainers have a vast experience in training parents, families and helpers of all ages and backgrounds. You don’t need any special abilities. The most important qualification is dedication. Dedication to work with your child for about 2 hours a day.

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1 Year Later

Your child will be assessed every year. These assessments will be much like the first one, only this time you will be able to compare the results with the situation just 12 months earlier.

Contact us for more information or book an appointment

Leonid investigated Louis in 2½ hour and Louis enjoyed it. I have never met such dedicated people to do their job before.
Henrijette Christensen
Mother of Louis
I’m still very happy to have embraced ABR in our lives. Progress gives hope and we get to work ourselves.
Claudia van Grinsven
Mother of Niels
ABR has completely different philosophy than conventional medicine and doctors have. However, their opinion and predictions are always confirmed.
John Karampelkos
Father of Anastasia
I feel blessed to have met the wonderful and warm hearted ABR team, Krista, Robby and Vesna, and am forever grateful to the inventor Leonid Blyum for giving our children hope for a better quality life.
Anna Alexeyeva-Manevska
Mother of Aleksandar