ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.

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Meet Abraham


Not only did we launch a new website, we also have a new logo. We chose an image that represents ABR and what we stand for.
We are really proud of our new logo and the symbolism behind it. An elephant is a symbol for strength, wisdom, kindness, luck and a long life. An elephant is helpful, committed and protects members of his family. Elephants are strongly focused on others.
We named our little ABR-elephant Abraham.

Progress is in your hands

If you look closely, you can see that our logo is not only an elephant, but also a hand, which refers to our baseline “Progress is in your hands”. Hands are essential for the ABR therapy.
This symbolism reminded us a lot of how we see the parents of our ABR-family. The parents we have met through the years are all dedicated, disciplined and determined. That’s why we immediately had a good feeling about the elephant as a strong representative for ABR.

– The ABR Belgium Team