ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.

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A little story about ABR and Louis

A little story about ABR and Louis

My name is Henrijette Christensen, I’m 44 years old. Louis is 10 years old and he has 3 siblings who love him dearly.
I have a helper who is coming 5 days a week, we both do ABR exercises on Louis.

I started with ABR about 6 years ago. Leonid Blyum told me that it would take 2 years before we could see something on Louis. That’s how bad he was. He didn’t have a rib cage, he couldn’t sit in a chair by himself, he didn’t have a neck….
When we met Leonid the first time, it was like coming home; Louis loved Leonid from the beginning. Leonid examined Louis for 2½ hours and Louis enjoyed it. He had never been taken seriously before and neither have I. I have never met such dedicated people to do their job before. To meet the Belgian ABR team was such an uplifting experience. I felt that I was finally seen and accepted as the person I am and given the confidence that I can make a difference for my child.

Building a new house

It is really difficult to explain what ABR does with the body and brain. I usually say that it is like breaking down an old house and rebuilding a new one with all the existing pieces. And this takes time, a lot of time. The beauty here is that you can actually see the difference on your child’s body and brain (behavior, reactions) and it doesn’t go away. What you have changed or built up stays in the body.
I like to keep doing ABR because it makes a huge difference for my son and also for the family. It is a lot of work but it’s work that makes sense. It obviously makes sense for Louis but also for the people around, especially when I show the reports we get from ABR.


6 years ago Louis was very weak: he had a chicken breast, he couldn`t hold his head, he didn’t have a neck, he couldn’t do anything, he slept bad, he couldn`t chew very well, … He was really bad.
Today, after 6 years of ABR, we see a lot of changes: he can almost eat everyting, he sleeps better and he is very happy. He tells us if he’s angry, sad or what he wants to do. He likes to make his own decisions and if you try to do it for him…. he will definitely let you know 🙂