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Комфорна зона

ABC на ABR – C – Комфорна зона и учење

The ABC of ABR – C – Comfort zone and learning

We all want our children to learn new things. It is possible and even good to bring your child one step above the comfort zone: in the learning zone. But don’t do super things, or they will end up in the panic zone.

Like you see on the image, the learning zone is a very small zone, but it’s still a comfortable zone. However, if tension builds up, your child will start crying, arching or even getting a seizure: that’s when he/she is in the panic zone. The panic zone is actually a protective zone of your child. They need to do this in order to release tension and to get back to the comfort zone.

Do not force your child in learning new things. Do not say “We are almost there, keep going!!”.
No, just step back if things are difficult and work on the physical potential of your child first, to be able to go into that next learning league.

If we, with ABR Therapy, connect the brain to the body in a different way, we will open new doors. Then, other areas will emerge spontaneously, and your child will learn new things in a comfortable way.