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Vesna Gasovska

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Vesna Gasovska
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Hi, my name is Vesna, and I am from Macedonia. Ten years ago life faced me with a huge challenge; my daughter Ana was born and immediately after birth we were told she had brain damage and later she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a parent I started to look for solutions.

The doctors told us there is no cure, but if we work hard enough she might gain motoric functions. I never stopped hoping and trying different therapies just to gain some motor function. Unfortunately, Ana’s condition was only getting worse, seizures increased, breathing problems, constant vomiting... At a certain point I really got tired of working very hard and hoping to gain something. That was the moment when I decided I will never ever try a therapy again which says it “may” bring results. I searched on the internet and when I found out about ABR and read the testimonials from the other patents I decided to give ABR therapy a chance. ABR has brought beautiful results for my daughter and it still does. She is free from seizures, free from medication, her quality of life has significantly improved. But that’s not all. Thanks to ABR I finally understood the condition of my Ana and stopped hoping for magic. That brought me to accepting Ana’s condition and stop torturing her by asking her to do all those exercises which her body was not capable of doing. Finally I found peace. This was strong enough reason to start spreading the word about ABR and informing other parents about it. Soon I was trained by ABR Belgium, became a trainer myself and started to help other families. I give training sessions in Romania and Macedonia, running the satellite for the Balcan countries in Macedonia and I cooperate with the ABR Belgium team. Seeing the results which children gain from ABR and the gratitude from the parents fill my soul with great joy. It motivates me to move on with my work.

Work Days
Leonid investigated Louis in 2½ hour and Louis enjoyed it. I have never met such dedicated people to do their job before.
Henrijette Christensen
Mother of Louis
I’m still very happy to have embraced ABR in our lives. Progress gives hope and we get to work ourselves.
Claudia van Grinsven
Mother of Niels
ABR has completely different philosophy than conventional medicine and doctors have. However, their opinion and predictions are always confirmed.
John Karampelkos
Father of Anastasia