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Volunteering in Nigeria

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Our first time visiting Nigeria

Being there with all of them filled our hearts with love


A few years ago we met Nonye Nweke, a mother looking for a therapy for her adopted daughter, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) at five months. In Lagos, her hometown in Nigeria, she searched for a place that took care of children with CP during the day, while she could go to work. But no such place existed, so she just started up her own.

In 2010, Nonye founded the Cerebral Palsy Center in Nigeria. Together with a lot of helpers they take care of these amazing children. More than half of them are orphans and live there, while others are looked after during the day. All of this, they do for free, thanks to the support from organisations. In other countries, people often struggle to get help from the government, but this doesn’t even exist in Nigeria.

Nonye didn’t stop there. She kept looking for more, wanted to find a therapy for all of her children. And then, we found each other. “Every child has a right to get help”, was what we thought. So when the holiday in Belgium started, we went to Nigeria for a week to volunteer in helping the children: evaluate them, assess them, and train the helpers in ABR therapy for the children.

Nonye's ABR journey

Nonye Nweke CP Center Nigeria

“The ABR Belgium team came! Leaving us with memories that will be hard to forget. The first time I dared to ask that the team should come to Nigeria, I was not sure of what their reaction would be or how I was going to raise the funds that will make the visit possible. But I was determined.

I believe that when one finds something good, one should share it. I found ABR therapy, it’s good and I couldn’t keep it to myself.”

What did we learn?

If I look to all the circumstances, I am shocked to realize that Nonye gets all of this done. She founded this center, helps so many children, even provides them with a therapy. I am moved and humbled by her strength to bring all of this together. It changed my way of thinking about how far a human being can go to help another. Being here with all of them filled our hearts with love.
It is impressive what Nonye has realised in the CpCenter. And the children that stay there, really stole my heart. I’m so grateful I could be part of this wonderful journey! We have seen some wonderful things since we got here. Everyone at the center was really supportive and eager to learn new techniques. We went home with the feeling that we accomplished something great here.
I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go to Nigeria. I’ve met friendly and passionate people. In a country where recourses are very limited, Nonye fights every day to provide the children a good environment. She changed the lives of CP children and their parents in Nigeria. But also the staff of the center is growing because of her. I’m so grateful that I’ve seen this amazing project with my own eyes.

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