ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.
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The ABC of ABR – B – Bodymap in the brain

Brain injury: effect on the body

Everybody always focuses on the brain itself. But when a brain injury happens, the tone of the body drops down, the gas bubbles release tension and the capillaries collapse. If you want to restore it back easy and quickly, that is not possible. It takes a lot of time and the right loading.

After a brain injury, you lose a lot of information which was built up from the early in utero process. In fact, it is not the brain which is the poor controller (because the brain has huge plasticity within it) but it is the massive loss of database from the body.


“The corrupted files”

You can compare it to files on a computer.
The files got corrupted and they are out of the body map! So, for example, the child who is born with a brain injury has to deal with half of the files, while a child with no brain injury can access all of them.



Compensation and overload

When you have certain parts of the body which are weak and are not on the body map, other parts need to cover for this loss (to keep the link) and you will see asymmetrical muscle pulls. They create even further tendency for the weak areas to sink and the areas disappear from the body map even more. Resulting in even more overload in the other areas and so on…


This is what ABR is all about!

ABR Therapy wants to discharge tension, strengthen weak parts of the body and activate the parts that are not on the body map in the brain.