ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.
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Our son Ira is thirteen years old. He has cerebral palsy due to premature birth (quadriplegia). We started with classical physiotherapy early on, when he was still a baby. Ira is completely bound to his hand moved wheel chair. When he was a baby, the physiotherapy aimed mainly to stimulate his development. The therapy became more intensive when he got a little older (one and a half years old). His physical development was severely behind and we had to practice with him multiple times per week at home and in het hospital. This physiotherapy consisted of repeating particular actions and movements

Hello, we are Alina and Bogdan, the parents of Ioana Mateea, who is eight years old, and we live in Romania. We are doing ABR therapy for five years. When Mateea was six months she was diagnosed with CP and from that moment on we started different therapies. She started to vomit every time during therapy sessions and also became very frightened of people. Unfortunately she made no remarkable progress. In january 2013 we had the first ABR assessment and we were extremely impressed that it lasted three hours. During this assessment, Krista tried to explain to us Mateea's body and why she was

Hi everyone! We didn't only launch a new website, but also a new logo. We chose an image that represents ABR and what we stand for. We are really proud of our new logo and the symbolism behind it. An elephant is a symbol for strength, wisdom, kindness, luck and a long life. An elephant is helpful, committed and protects members of his family. Elephants are strongly focused on others. We named our little ABR-elephant Abraham. If you look closely, you can see that our logo is not only an elephant, but also a hand, which refers to our baseline “Progress is in your

My name is Henrijette Christensen, I'm 44 years old and I live with my children in Denmark. Louis is 10 years old and he has 3 siblings who love him dearly. I have a helper who is coming 5 days a week, we both do ABR exercises on Louis. I started with ABR about 6 years ago. Leonid Blyum told me that it would take 2 years before we could see something on Louis, that's how bad he was. He didn`t have a rib cage, he couldn`t sit in a chair by himself, he didn`t have a neck