ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.
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Hi everyone! We didn't only launch a new website, but also a new logo. We chose an image that represents ABR and what we stand for. We are really proud of our new logo and the symbolism behind it. An elephant is a symbol for strength, wisdom, kindness, luck and a long life. An elephant is helpful, committed and protects members of his family. Elephants are strongly focused on others. We named our little ABR-elephant Abraham. If you look closely, you can see that our logo is not only an elephant, but also a hand, which refers to our baseline “Progress is in your

My name is Henrijette Christensen, I'm 44 years old and I live with my children in Denmark. Louis is 10 years old and he has 3 siblings who love him dearly. I have a helper who is coming 5 days a week, we both do ABR exercises on Louis. I started with ABR about 6 years ago. Leonid Blyum told me that it would take 2 years before we could see something on Louis, that's how bad he was. He didn`t have a rib cage, he couldn`t sit in a chair by himself, he didn`t have a neck