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L’ABC de l’ABR – E – Énergie

The ABC of ABR – E – Energy

In our previous ABC-post, we talked about development (see “D – Development”). Linking to development, we will now explain more about the energy needed to develop.

A normal system of the body is well organized and able to produce energy accurately. Your body recharges its energy during the night and burns it during the day. However, when basic vital systems are already weak, this results in the body not being able to produce sufficient energy. The body will start to find alternative solutions to provide itself with energy to invest into vital and physical functions.

To explain how our children’s bodies use energy to function and develop, let’s use an example in comparison with a person losing his income and building up debt.

When your earnings decrease, you start searching for solutions. First, you try selling your grandmother’s jewelry. When that’s not enough, you try using credit card payments- in the hope that you can pay off your debt. When this is also not enough, you’ll go to different banks and use several credit cards, until you finally have debts that are impossible to pay off. The only solution now is to sell your house.

In order to get out of debt, you will need to refer back to the original cash flow and start earning money. You do this, not only to buy back the house, but also your grandmother’s jewelry.  However, during this time, as you are working so hard to get back your things, you cannot spend any money on activities or luxuries that are not a priority. To get back your house and jewelry, it’s important to invest in the right things. You need to exclude everything that’s unnecessary. Eventually, if you continue to work like this, you’ll be able to buy back everything.

This situation is comparable to our children’s bodies. Weaknesses takes over and the energy flow is not optimal.

The first thing the body will do to get more energy, is simplifying the tissue and carrying out less movement. This is like selling your grandmother’s jewelry.  Then, like credit cards that provide cash you don’t actually have, the body will start to bring the muscle tone up and down to provide more energy. As a result, the whole muscle tone gets very tense and won’t be able to relax. This is like more debts from several credit cards with different banks. Eventually the body will start using its own tissue in order to get the energy that is needed. This means you are losing your foundation and you are going to have to sell your house in order to survive.

To restore the body, we will need to repair the tissues and bring the tissues back to the body map. But just like getting your cash flow back, this means that the body will not be able to use energy on less important activities. This can result in periods of lower energy, in general- a more ‘floppy’ posture, in being more sensitive, etc. This all happens because the body is using its energy to get out of “debt”.  Therefore we need the body to focus on the main parts in order to start developing for the better.

When starting ABR, your child may not immediately have more energy.  ABR therapy will build the weak areas. It will shift the body into a more efficient energy-use which is needed to rebuild the foundation of the body. By keeping focus and investing time and energy on the right areas, your child will develop and become happier and more comfortable in their own body.