ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body.
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Maite Perez-Menendez

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Maite Perez-Menendez
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I like this job because of its variety, every day is different. Besides giving therapy I also make PowerPoints, write out lessons, assessments. Continuously we’re learning more and more of the human body, even after all these years. Looking for new tools to help speed up the progress with the children.

Seeing how our children make progress is a real delight. Also the human aspect is one of the things I like. Every story is different and each of them interesting. But most of all, I’m very happy that I can be a part of the ABR team and that maybe, even for just a little bit, I can make a difference by helping parents of children with CP.

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Leonid investigated Louis in 2½ hour and Louis enjoyed it. I have never met such dedicated people to do their job before.
Henriette Christensen
Mother of Louis
I’m still very happy to have embraced ABR in our lives. Progress gives hope and we get to work ourselves.
Claudia van Grinsven
Mother of Niels
ABR has completely different philosophy than conventional medicine and doctors have. However, their opinion and predictions are always confirmed.
John Karampelkos
Father of Anastasia